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Democrats above Politics in Kamala Harris Birther conspiracy?

During the Democratic debate, Kamala Harris stole the show with an impactful childhood story of how she managed to be one of the African American youths who was bused in the attempt to integrate schools. Harris used this story as a launch pad to then hit Biden for his opposition to Busing in the 1970s. Telling her leading opponent Biden, in a rare moment of camaraderie, that she did not believe he "is a racist", Harris then promptly went on how to describe how Biden was racist, or perhaps how he used to be racist and pro-segregation. Harris delivered a devastating blow to Biden's campaign that night, and though perhaps it will only result in a few percentage points in the polls, any boost would be good for Harris who has struggled to break 10% in most recent polls for the Democratic 2020 Presidential Nomination.
However shortly after the debates, Donald Trump Jr, delivered an incredibly foolish slip up, the type for which his father is often famed for, and retweeted a c…

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