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The Democratic Party and Infanticide

Slippery slopes have always been an important factor to pay attention to in any political arena. If one dangerous precedent is set, who knows what could ensue as the fallout of that precedent gains steam. Take for instance the first amendment, at least most sane Americans who haven't bought into utter extremism still believe in the idea that censorship is inherently dangerous. While perhaps some things that are just too obscene may need to be held from the public eye in a sense, taking that sort of censorship and applying to reporting facts or to reporting opinions has always been viewed as a dangerous step to take. Indeed, if the American Government were to censor CNN or Fox, what's to stop America from going down the corrupted path that Nation States such as the Soviet Union or China have taken and just simply control the Media narrative.
The idea of precedent has always been why extremism has appeared so dangerous, because no matter what the side of extremism seems to be o…

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