Collectivism is NOT Generous

In a Society that is becoming more and more self indulgent and more and more greedy, it's seems odd that this type of evolution would lead to a turn towards Collectivism. Why would greed turn to something that appears to be the literal definition of sharing? At first glance, Collectivism appears to be a system based on the willingness to give, instead of keeping for yourself. However, this view of Collectivism is so horribly wrong and perverted that it is one of the leading causes of the ignorant socialist movement.
Leftism arguments are rarely based on fact, sure Global warming is somewhat factual however it is not definitionally left wing to argue for Global Warming, The only reason it is Left Wing is because the Right Wing values Individual and Private sector rights so highly and is strongly against harmful regulations. The Reality is that the Left, Primarily the Alt-Left(The far authoritarian left) base a vast majority of it's arguments on emotions. This is why it is an almost universally agreed upon fact is that the left is much more likely to toss around words like Racist, Bigot, or Islamophobe, than the Right is, However, evidence shows that the Right wing is not vastly more intolerant than the left, in fact quite the opposite as I explain using various studies from reliable sources like Pew, and Gallup in the article "the Myth of Liberal Tolerance."
The Reality of the matter is that the Left bases itself on Morals, to hold the moral high ground is to hold victory in one's hand. As long as the Left bases itself as the morally superior side, it continues to win. This is exactly why you see college Leftists trying to shut down Conservative speakers by calling them intolerant yet with no evidence of any intolerant act the Conservative has ever committed. The Alt-Left doesnt care if you marched for civil rights, it doesnt care if you have all the logic in the world, if you are a republican, all the Alt-left knows is that you are a Racist, Sexist, Bigoted, Homophobe that is out to punish anyone who has ever had an abortion. They may not have evidence to back these conjectures up, but they have superglued the idea into their brain that every conservative is intolerant.
And as long as they have these in mind, they feel morally superior, and in fact, this lends a lot to their belief of Collectivism. The left believes in Fairness, not fairness as in equal treatment under the law, no that's intolerant. No, the left believes in Bernie style fairness, where everyone must have the same income, and if anyone is a minority, they have tenfold credibility because they must be oppressed and thus white people are not worthy of having a viewpoint. The left believes this to be the Moral stance, because the very idea that hard work could lead to advantages over others burns their very mind. In fact anyone who believes in Capitalism must be Hitler, nevermind the fact Hitler was a socialist(Collectivist.) Collectivism is the Idea that the Group matters more than the individual, and as I mentioned earlier, the left ascribes credibility to people based on race, or sexuality, rather than based on, you know... Merit.
Identity Politics is a Direct manifestation of Collectivism and it is disgusting. The very idea that safe spaces should be created based on race is abhorrent to all ideals of freedom and liberty. The Idea that one race must be granted special privileges for the crimes of past generations is unconstitutional and immoral, yet through name calling and fascism from groups like Anti-fa, and Black Lives matter, the left pushes this idea of Collectivism from their false sense of morality. They sit on a pyrite throne of objectivity, where anything that disagrees with them is the enemy. As Ben Shapiro puts it, "The left has always known their enemy. Their enemy has never been Isis, it has been conservatives." The very Idea that Personal freedom should always trump collectivism is abhorrent to the left.

Now i've been throwing around that collectivism is immoral for quite some time, why is that?
Collectivism is the idea that no matter how hard an individual works, that should be given out to others, including the lazy and apathetic. This is stealing, if a group of people choose to take another's work, with no input from the real owner of the product they have in mind to take, than that is by definition stealing. It is Immoral.
The Idea that someone deserves something and that they should be given it without working for it is covetous and Immoral.
The Idea that if the majority wills it, the minority can be crushed is immoral, it lead horrid events like for instance, the Holocaust.
When the Left argues that Taking from the rich and giving to the poor is Moral and Right, what reason do they have to believe that. If it is not the will of the Rich to give, than they have no obligation to give and to take their property is by definition stealing, It is wrong, and it doesnt matter how many people voted in favor of it, that doesnt give the right to anyone to steal something.

In fact it was agreed upon by our founding fathers that we should never have a collectivist government. That is exactly why we set up a republic, to stop the majority from overthrowing the minorities rights. However Collectivism preaches that the majority should rule, that society should trump the rights of others. This is wrong, and leads to the worst events in history, Stalin tried this, Mao tried this, Hitler tried this, The only result that has ever come from collectivism is Millions, upon millions dead.
Collectivism is pushed through identity politics, College intolerance towards any different viewpoint, safe spaces, and many other vile agendas pushed by the Alt-Left. And you must realize this point, when the left argues, you can NEVER counter with logic, logic doesnt work against morality. Morality always trumps logic, you must show the left that their agenda is indeed wrong, intolerant, and yes, immoral. In fact, here is one way to do this, The left hates guns, that can be pretty heavily agreed upon, nevermind the fact that every authoritarian government ever in history first had to disarm it's citizens before attacking rights like free speech and so forth. You must show the left that every policy they make, is only enforceable through violent force. The government in reality is just a thing that sits around and if anyone does something that it has said not to do, it comes to their house, puts a gun to their head and asks them to comply. Every law written has to be enacted and protected by force. Collectivism is enforced purely through physical force, to defeat this idea, you must show that without voluntary actions, which will never be prevalent in collectivist nations, the government, or people, must push their will by force and that this is immoral, The ability to show the left its own moral flaws is the only way to defeat it. Once you have Moral superiority over the left, it is defeated. The only way to push collectivism is through faulty moral arguments, if those are destroyed, leftism is destroyed, and with it collectivism.

I was talking to a group of leftwing people and they were talking about welfare and I was arguing that charity is superior, that it is not okay to take from one group and give to the other, and they countered with, "your against giving?" this is the single most ignorant statement I  have ever heard, As soon as you hear this, pounce. Show them that to steal is not moral, to enforce welfare with gun at the head of the rich if they don't comply is horribly wrong, and it's not just the rich, the middle class, and lower class are pushed into giving as well. If giving is not voluntary, then it is stealing.


  1. Very provactive Sean. Ben Shapiro says that redistributing wealth would not accomplish anything. If a poor person wins the lottery they'll just become poor again. It's not about how much money or entitlement you have. It's what you do with it and how you spend it.


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