Refugees v. Fake news

Today one of the biggest problems today facing the world is the Syrian Refugee crisis that has become so prevalent due to the horrid nature of the Syrian Civil War. Millions of men, women and children are trying to escape the nightmarish place that has enveloped their home, where terrorists wreak havoc and create a dystopian state with an extremist foundation. 4 million have fled to neighboring countries such as Turkey and Jordan and 1 million seek asylum in Europe.
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Germany and Sweden are notably known as the top EU countries to accept Syrian refugees and many people see this as a very concerning problem.

The debate between refugees and how the humanitarian crisis should be treated have become very polarized lately especially since of Europe's more open approach compared to America's acceptance of refugees.
It mainly boils down to two sides.
One side, supports refugees immigrating all over the world to various countries.
The other side, are not in support of refugees and want to restrict the flow of foreign immigration.
Both sides have their extremes too, no side goes without one. But the problem with extreme polarization in these topics promotes the spread of mass misinformation and complete ignorance on the issue on hand.

A recent development that has actually plagued us for a very long time in the political world is the disease of fake news. Fake news purposefully spreads twisted truths or blatant lies to further a specific agenda or view to influence the public.
Regarding the Refugee crisis, fake news has become rampant on this topic to fear monger the public into a specific set of views.
For example claims such as New Year's Mass Sex Assaults in Frankfurt by migrants were proven baseless by the police.
You can find that source here.
Or refugees wanted Oktoberfest to be banned, which is also false here.
Or that German special forces are wearing chainmail to defend against refugee attacks, which has been twisted here.
Many of these stories of Germany and Sweden have been floating around for a specific agenda, to antagonize the influx of refugees and isolate people fleeing war.
The media has also created this false atmosphere that with the influx of refugees that Sweden has become overridden with crime, which that is not true. Crimes such as rape and gang violence against civilians increased, were supposedly reported by various news outlets. Crime overall has gone down in Sweden and the title "rape capital"of the world is wrong since Sweden's definition of rape cases is vastly different than what other countries would consider, which is proven here.

The spread of this twisted news for malicious intent needs to be stopped. The state of the world is over dramatized to fit people's narratives. To understand the world around us we need to face facts from various sides to understand and learn what we can do to better our world .

Even though there is a moral cause to helping refugees, they are simply people feeling war, there is a limit to where a country can accept refugees. No one nation is a paragon of perfection where it can suddenly house millions of individual humans all requiring need. That is going to strain the capability of a nation and at points can lose its purpose of serving it's own people. The refugee crisis should not be only a few countries problem (in this instance it isn't) , it should be a global effort to help fellow humans escaping war.
Also the other extreme side that argues for refugees are perfectly fine with refugees not assimilating to the countries they're fleeing too, which is very concerning.
Assimilation does not mean one loses their identity or cultural background but to accept the values of their new and/or temporary home and learn how to adapt with their surroundings.
To be okay with people to carry malicious ideologies into a developed nation is a breach of safety.

Refugees are not ruining the European Union. Yes the huge influx of foreigners is bound to cause some problems but the idea that these countries are descending into chaos is without a doubt fake news.


  1. I agree with some of this, but the argument that crime is down in sweden is factually false, it is up. Almost every crime type is up from last year, and most are higher than 2005, In fact, sexual assault is up nearly 2 times, 1% to 1.7% and the changes to the definition of sexual assault have not changed during this time period. Reported crime is up from 2005, and up from 2015. This is according to bra, a swedish crime survey group which is known to be one, if not the most accurate reporter of swedish crime.

    1. While there was a small bump in a few specific crime areas due to refugee influx, crime has gone down. Searching up the crime in Sweden, Poltifacts cites the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention that crime specifically rape charges have gone down in the last 10 years. The amount in 2015 was a rise from 2014 however it's the same amount in 2005. cites the same organization saying, yes there is a small uptick in crime from 2014 to '15 however overall long time crime since the 1990s have gone down.
      In the short term, there was crime rose attributed to refugees, a large movement of foreign people is bound to cause that, but looking at the long term crime affects the country less.


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