The Evolution of Trump

    To my understanding of our new president, he has certainly evolved and changed his image throughout the decades. This post isn't about “grabbing p****” or his Hollywood theatrics which are plainly baggage. Politicians and high-society figures are arguably above the middle class and can do as they please in respect to their rights and liberties and baggage. For example, if a college football or NFL star beats his girlfriend, and gets charged with battery and what have you, he will be lifted his charges.
     Now, Trump was never the neo-con or the modern republicans who were influenced by Reagan and Karl Rove. Those politicians had big money corporations supporting their expenditures, and Trump was in competition with them; naturally they hated Trump. That's why Barbara Bush and “Low Energy Jeb" did not support him through the primaries. President Trump is more left than you might believe. His ideas of a free market economy, where the government does not interfere with private enterprise is on the fundamental libertarian and left side of economics. His trade policies, against the broken TPP and NAFTA. If you argue that the immigration ban is unconstitutional, then you don't know jack about Islam. Comment if you disagree or want to further this point, we can have a civilized discussion on the matter.
     During the primary campaigning which seemed “like forever ago”, Trump had an attitude in his campaign. He emphasized taking down ISIS, cutting the trade deficits with China and Mexico, and why our system is the best in the world even though we're not perfect as a country. From the violence at his rallies that were a wide-scale, alt-left movement captured the real Anti-Trump groups as an angry and pissed off generation of people that are uninformed and don't research politics from the inside and out. Sean, another contributor touched on that point in his last post: the alt-left uses moral and ideological dogmas to support nearly their entire views.
     The inauguration speech showed a different side of Trump. He seemed polished and confident in his body language, pace, and Christian references which are frankly absent in a time where we need those morals the most of “loving thy neighbor” and etc..I'm really looking forward to seeing Trump in this role as his first term continues.


  1. If God damn bush didn't blow up the twin towers with holograms then none of this would be a problem


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