Tolerance: An Expectation

A very polarized issue vehemently discussed by both sides of the political spectrum is this apparent monopoly either side claims to have on the whole concept of tolerance.
People who usually claim their side is more tolerant than the other is more often than not riding off of partisan bias.
Every person has bias, that's just basic fact. To make such claims of a monopoly of tolerance while denying its opinionated nature of said claim shows a very narrow-minded mind set. No side whether Leftist or Rightists, Authoritarian or Libertarian express human qualities on their own. The actions of people should be blamed on people not a certain type of ideology (excluding extreme ones). To see the action of one and go around saying "muh tolerant left or right" are fallacious statements that should not decide how you view a certain someone.
To blame an entire broad side always show a lack of depth you have for certain groups of people. When you blame one person's action on the right, what right do you mean, the Libertarians? the Conservatives? Right Populists?
Same for the left, what left, the Social Democrats? Social Libertarians? Democrat Socialists?
Tolerance is expected of everyone within reason, it should not be ever limited to one side as that promotes polarization and divisions.
We have our differences but we all belong to the same great nation. To be open to the other side and work with each other is the very blood of democracy.


  1. I agree that Tolerance should be a quality adopted by all people, however I disagree with the claim that it's fallacious to call one side more intolerant, I talk about this in my article where clearly there are some forms of intolerance that are more common on one side. The fact is that the far left belief of collectivism includes identity politics in order to succeed and that breeds intolerance as you base people of some exterior feature like skin color or gender, and thus there is more intolerance being generated on the far left.


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