Trump's antics

When the American people elected Donald Trump, they showed us that it's about time we have a president that speaks his mind. I can say quite confidently that Trump does indeed speak, or tweet, whatever is on his mind.
Recently, at a press conference, Trump went ahead and repealed his stance on CNN as being merely "fake news". CNN has officially graduated from Trump university as "Very Fake News", and some people love this, aka Breitbart, but is this correct, or even remotely presidential.
Clearly there is no one way to act presidential, JFk had a way, and Reagan had a way and both were very different, but one thing that has been fairly common is to at least give the pretense of being commonsensical. I hate to break it to everyone but CNN is not "Fake News", have they made mistakes, Yes, but that does jot make them fake. The fact is that CNN is bias, the mere state of being bias doesn't attribute falsity to CNN, for instance just because the two contributors to Right Lens News, Farrah, and Will have extremely differing political views, it would not be fair to call the other fake.
Trump's attempt to paint news sources as fake news when they attack him is wrong. I hate to say it, but MSNBC is not fake news, just extremely biased. To focus on something that forwards your agenda is not being fake news, it is merely being Bias and it would be wrongful to paint that as false news merely because it comes with a certain viewpoint.
I agree with Trump on most of his points, his policies will most likely be a great boon to our economy, and a strong stance on foreign affairs should be adopted by the Superpower of the world. However I don't agree with all of Trump's views on some approaches. Instead of banning people, I believe we should merely affirm that people coming to America are willing to conform and assimilate into our beliefs. America supports women's Rights, gay rights, and religious rights. We must have stringent vetting processes to make sure we are getting people who are willing to agree with those.
In conclusion, I Believe some of Trump's approaches are damaging. Calling people fake news due to them not agreeing and having a bias viewpoint is not even in the realm of logical reasoning, Trump has authoritarian characteristics that worry me, however it would be wrong to call him malicious, he has America's best intentions in mind, he just had a few flaws that the left magnifies with a x20 magnifying glass. Should we have a president who speaks his mind? Yes, but we should have a president who can control his mind as well, If Trump can learn to control himself, he will be a great president.


  1. I think most of Trump's supporters who are educated as well as conservative figures who support him don't support his last press conference on fake news and CNN. I don't agree either. There's limits and it made Trump look foolish.


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