Why I left the left

     Why did I leave the left? Well, one simple answer was the amount of intolerance and hate the left spews. I realized that the left doesn't tolerate other view points or ideas. I started listening to various conservative talk-show hosts such as Stephen Crowder, Alex Jones, and Gavin McInnes. After listening to them and seeing the hate for Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, I started my conversion. I saw the morals and values they held, and thought, the left doesn't have that.
     I used to be a Bernie supporter and an energized socialist. I preached for equality and peace. Little did I know that all of those ideological, feeling based demands were unreachable in America. A free-market, limited government can't force businesses to provide healthcare to private sector employees, or give minorities lower standards to public institutions. Seeing the hate of conservative politicians and thinkers, I quickily left the left. Traditional, fundamental American values aren't leftist hate; leftists are trying to get rid of America. They're trying to steal our hard-earned money in return of "free stuff."
     America will never be like European confederations, full of ungrateful, entitled scums; luckily, we have been winning so much that Europe is capsizing as we speak. Visiting Europe this past summer really opened my eyes. I had already been turning conservative and noticed the hate of other view points by the other kids that were in our group. "Americans are dumb and fat; Americans aren't accepting the refugees that you guys; there's so many benefits of living in Germany." I was disgusted to see the bigotry of the leftists, and they called themselves Christian!
     My twin brother Luke's host, Simon, could see where Luke and I were coming from. We had regular talks of America versus Germany, the refugees problem, and other political ideologies. Though he liked the European Union and was a self-proclaimed socialist, Simon did see the refugee problem amounting in Europe. He saw the dangers of radical Islam and what radical Islam could do to the west. If the rest of the group had heard what we were discussing, they'd quickly shut us down for sure; saying it's the humanitarian, Christian to accept the fleeing refugees. Though Germany and America had many similarities, the differences were enormous. The Germans would say having a patriotic feeling would compare you to a Nazi, or pledging to a flag would consider you a nationalist. Obviously, they don't have the same values as us because they're not Americans. I would conclude that leftist Americans equate to Europeans.
     Continuing on the left hating Trump, from the start, I had sympathy for him. The media always scrutinized and doubted him. Watching compilations of media fails during the election, saying Hillary has an 80% chance of winning. It was truly, an amazing victory for America. If I was still a Bernie-supporting lefty, I could not picture myself being a domestic terrorist, like Anti-Fa or BLM. Even when I was a lefty, I didn't understand the mindset of BLM. Just watching Alex Jones or Stephen Crowder troll on protestors, I could tell that those people aren't like me, all angry old women and beta  males who hate God, their country, and hate the idea of family.
     They're just the exact opposite of what it means to be American; however, I'm not shutting down their viewpoint because the right will take the higher road.
     We are the resistance. God Bless and God Bless America.


  1. This post is spot on. Young people these days are taught that if you are not left, you must be shallow and inhuman whether it be from your high school humanities class or pop culture. They call themselves Progressive, when really they do not accept the "Conservative" standpoint as an American ideal. Dave Rubin hits on this on Prager U. https://www.prageru.com/courses/political-science/why-i-left-left

  2. correct, although I don't think the left as a whole spews hatred, I think you can define that as the alt-left which is the far authoritarian leftists, I view most libertarian leftists as generally ignorant and just view themselves as humanitarian but don't quite get the concept of freedom. However, unlike the Alt-Right being a small group, I believe the Alt-left to be one of the largest left wing groups among youth. So yes, the Alt-left is very regressive, but leftists in general are not always like that, and in fact most are not malicious, merely uninformed. I was like that when all I watched was CNN and all I read was Huffington post and other Left leaning articles.

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