False Identification of Conservatives

For Years studies that have looked at differences between Liberals and Conservatives have determined the two groups through series of questions designed to determine and individual's ideology, however, a recent realization has blown this method out of the water. For years, Conservatives have been identified merely as Traditionalists, they have been identified by those who would rather a woman work in the house then do whatever she wishes, they have been identified as those who would seek to ban gay marriage, yet this Stereotypical image of a Conservative was Demolished in a recent study. As I wrote in the article "Misconceptions of Conservative Intelligence", it has become clear that many conservatives are not Traditionalists, in fact, when the Traditionalist definition was removed from the identification process, many self-identified Conservatives that had been mistakenly classified as Liberals moved over to the Conservative side because Conservatism holds more than just Traditionalists, it contains libertarians, Classical Liberals, etc... about as many groups as there are genders on Tumblr. In fact, with this Label removed, Intelligence Tests showed that more conservative Respondents actually scored higher. We now know that Conservatives are not only Traditionalists, yet countless studies only identify Traditionalists in their Conservative category.

The implications of this groundbreaking revelation are tremendous. Countless studies that have shown Liberal vs Conservative opinions on matters would have to be reconducted in order to include the millions of disparage Conservatives that are Libertarian leaning Right wingers, rather than Traditionalists. Traditionalists have historically scored lower on things such as IQ tests, Racial Tolerance, and Gender equality, to name a few, yet as the article I mentioned before showed, the Republican Party is not made up of only Traditionalists, as the Studies mentioned within the article revealed, the Republican party actually has between a 2-5 point IQ advantage over the Democrat Party, totally scuttling just about the entire consensus of the Social Scientist community. This of course is due to the fact that Social Scientists expect the Republican Party to be made up of their definition of Conservatives, yet of course, their definition is wholly insufficient in covering the entire vast diversity of types that are present within the Conservative phylum.

Granted that this premise is correct, that Studies misidentify Conservatives, which is clearly shown in studies such as ones in the Social Psychology Quarterly that showed very liberal respondents display higher average IQs, than Very Conservative Respondents, yet we know now that untacking the Traditionalist definition from Conservatives, self identified conservatives tend to score higher than liberals, Than it would be wholly logical to determine that thousands of studies have misrepresented Conservatives.

I hate the Fake news debacle because it equates bias with falseness, which clearly is not correct, however, in this case, it may be time to label many of these studies that have shown favorable and unfavorable results for conservatives as fake news. We now know that if many studies have falsely classified Conservatives, than it is imperative that studies show how they define Conservative and Liberal, in order to ascertain the reliability. Thus can we really know for certain which group shows racism more often, and which group is more sexist. The questions are dizzyingly endless, The fact is that just about every study of Conservatives and Liberals may hold falsehoods that result from false classifications. This indeed is the uncovering of one of the largest Misrepresentations that the Research Community has made, in history.

Short Sketch of the Misrepresentation common in research of Conservatives.


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