Libertarianism: The Perfect Political Ideology

No mere human is perfect, this is a concept that most of us accept at a young age, anyone who disagrees with this is written off as insane or severely egotistical. In this case, it is only logical to deduce that no body of humans can ever produce perfect results, Small or large, for the same reason we abhor pure democracy in which the majority becomes the dictator, we also abhor autocracies or any body in which few people hold power. But to write mere imperfection off as the reason is not sufficient explanation for why humanity can never put trust in a small body of people, the reality is pure and simple, Greed.
Corruption takes root in every government, from China to Sweden. Corruption is an unstoppable symptom of human nature, this is the very reason libertarianism exists. If Humans were perfect, of course a large government would be possible, because the government would never intentionally cut off rights of the people, but today, even with our current and supposedly limited government, our rights are trampled everyday. The fact is, any power given to the government that gives any leeway for restrictions on our rights is used, Politicians leap at every possible opportunity to cut away at the constitution, 9-11 lead to the patriot act, School shootings lead to gun control, if you believe for one second that this is to protect Americans, than either you are wrong, or the politicians are literally morons.
Excuse me if I find it hard to believe that Gun control is a more pressing matter than safe driving, when Car accidents kill 30,000 compared to the generally less than 10,000 from guns, especially when Guns save at least 80,000 a year, according to low estimates, higher estimates put it upwards of 2.5 million people. Either Politicians have no grasp whatsoever of statistics, or certain Politicians are intentionally restricting rights for their own malicious intents.
To build of that point, the reality of government is that there will always be corruption in the government. Even with American exceptionalism, that doesnt mean we can't become just like europe, or china. The idea of Libertarianism is simple, Socialists will argue that no one is perfect so the government should monitor the economy or the people, but Libertarians, while of course agreeing that no is perfect, strongly detest the notion of giving the government more power, because if no one is perfect, why are we handing our rights to a few imperfect people, when we each could just live our own lives in the way we see fit.
History shows us that no government that gains power will ever remain a government for the people. Rome is one of the greatest examples of this, it began as a republic, sharing some of the ideals America now holds, yet as it began to expand and the government began to grow more powerful, corruption swelled. America stands at the same threshold that Rome stood, before Julius Caesar successfully became ruler, thereby beginning rome's long descent into ruin. Today, whichever major party you vote for, you still get a statist in office. Democrats who are supposedly anti-war take office, give the government more power, and supposedly cut back on interventionism, while in Obama's case, launching drone strikes all over the middle east and effectively ramping up our policies of interventionism in places such as syria. Then we have Republicans, who for all their talk of being small government fiscal conservatives, come into office, Cut the budget, and then raise our military budget, effectively building onto the empire that is America.
No empire is sustainable and this is for one major reason. If you are going to rule over other nations, and those nations don't support being ruled over, then you can't possibly give them rights because they would merely vote to leave the empire, and so you have a central government ruling over people, almost dictatorially, and the necessity for big government just grows as the empire does, and soon enough the government and corruption are to such an extent that governing documents no longer can restrain overly ambitious fools who play public emotion to gain power. The reason these authoritarians can gain power is because of course with a dictatorial empire there is going to be uprisings. You can't take over another nation's land and not expect people to rise up in protest. In the case of America, you see terrorist strikes that would never of happened if we had not built military bases all over the middle east, Islamic fundamentalists would have no reason to attack the west if they did not believe the west was infringing on their lives. Now America has Terrorist strikes against it, that are all the fault of terrible interventionist foreign policy. Yet anyone could just come out and point to these terrorists strikes to stir public emotion, and by doing this, gain political power that could usurp the constitution. Am I saying Trump is doing this, of course not, in fact I believe Trump may be less authoritarian than many past presidents, but it is a real problem that American citizens must realize exists. Politicians play American emotion against the middle east when we don't even seem to realize we would do many of the same things if what is happening to the middle east nations was happening to us. In fact Americans began as colonies in a time where Great Britain was colonizing all over the world in hopes of "spreading civilization" and they restricted our rights so we began a revolution, now we have turned a 180, in which when we began as a nation, we were isolationist, completely anti colonization because we had seen the disgusting reality of it all, to today where it seems America is fine with intervening in other country's affairs on the basis of spreading "Freedom". What an obvious connection this is to all the other empires throughout history that we learn about in school, especially Great Britain, we do the very same things that we revolted against.

Empires tear apart nations, and America is an empire, and is growing as one. Libertarianism is literally the only solution to corruption, empiricism, and any other restriction on human rights. The belief that Government should be shrinked to have a minimal impact on people's lives is the most effective belief, yet it's nearly impossible to win an election on that ideology because too many people are obsessed with the idea of free stuff and libertarianism promises personal responsibility, but the fact is that a libertarian government not only would effectively end the empire, but a constitutional libertarian government where we give the power enumerated to the states back to the states would have the added benefits of first of all, alleviating the debt as the government budget would be shrunk and taxes could be lowered to a degree which still creates a surplus, Roe V Wade would be shredded and go to the states instead of the unconstitutional enforcement of all states having to abide by something that under the tenth amendment, should have been a state law anyways, the war on drugs would go to the state's, Schools would go to the states, Libertarianism solves all of these problems, yet People would rather receive free stuff then save america. Libertarianism is the idea that people live the life they want to, and the concept that the government should actually follow the constitution. No more malicious restrictions on our rights, the second amendment is safe under libertarianism, no more raises in taxes, in fact there's more money all around, Inflation slows to a near halt since there is no need to print massive sums when the government is spending trillions, businesses flourish as long as antitrust laws are enforced, The nation is no longer forced into wars when there was no declaration of war, and the nation is better off.
In fact, People always worry that we are going to elect a fascist President, or that the government is going to go tyrannical, what can the president do if he/she has so little power that he/she can't possibly abuse the American people.


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