Misconceptions of Conservative intelligence

It seems commonplace in schools today to hear the teacher spout something like, "Studies show Liberals are smarter than Conservatives." For a long time, that appeared true, Conservatives just had to sit and take this silly gibberish and have their self esteem destroyed by Teachers that would push utterly false narratives. However, we Conservatives are now liberated from this falsehood, New studies from the University of Nevada and the Journal Intelligence have utterly debunked this lie.

It turns out, that really, it depends on how you define a conservative. Studies for years have defined Conservatives as merely traditionalists, however, the aforementioned studies took a look at that and decided to see if more libertarian Conservatives fared better. It turns out, when you erase the traditionalist definition for Conservative and merely look at Rightwing Libertarians who identify as conservatives, "all else being equal, more conservative respondents scored higher than more liberal respondents." That's right, if you're a Conservative that's not a traditionalist but is pro deregulation, odds are that you're more intelligent than your liberal counterparts.

The definition for this belief style, of Socially libertarian, but economically Right wing, or better put, Pro-freedom in the bedroom and in the workplace, is Classical Liberalism. The fact is that the Republican party was founded on Classical Liberalism, and still is a Classical Liberal party for the most part. Conservatives today often tend to be Classical Liberals rather than traditionalists and this is why Social Scientists were so flabbergasted when they chose to look at IQ averages for Republicans versus Democrats. Almost all Scientists had reached the consensus that clearly the liberal Democrat party would fare better than the conservative Republican party, yet, it didn't work out how they hoped.

IQ Advantages

Lean Republican vs Lean Democrat----------------------- Lean Republican +2.47 IQ Point average

Moderate Republican vs Moderate Democrat------------ Moderate Republican +3.47 IQ Point average

Strong Republican vs Strong Democrat------------------- Strong Republican +5.48 IQ Point average

- People with Socially Libertarian beliefs, but Deregulation views on government are correlated with higher IQs.
- People with Traditionalist beliefs, or Heavy government Regulation beliefs are correlated with lower IQs.

In the immortal words of President Trump, this claim by the left is "fake news." These claim that have been based on Traditionalist Conservatives have for so long placed falsehoods upon the entire Conservative movement, however luckily, the Classical Liberal Conservatives have pulled the Republican from the mire of false stupidity claims, and proven what we have known for years, Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals.



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