Weekly Lens #3: Importance of NASA and space exploration

The topic regarding the future of space exploration is beloved by many of people. It strikes a sense of exploration and wonder into a whole new type of civilization that could be possible if space exploration is advanced. NASA leads and pushed the boundaries of space exploration for decades and in some ways spread the American spirit into a whole new frontier. However like many things NASA is debated upon concerning their funding and importance in our current era and what we can do in the future for space exploration.

Sarah Shaffer

NASA is constantly at the frontier in science as it researches into a world we quite frankly and truly know little about. Because of this, its work is very important. NASAs work, such as the Voyager and the Hubble Space Telescope, is innovative and will be crucial (as it has been) to our future. To ensure their continual research it is important that they receive funding, sufficient at least enough to maintain their projects. However, this topic is quite difficult to discuss with many statistics or hard facts because it all comes back to what you personally believe should be a priority. Many things carry importance so it is hard to debate which one is truly the most important. Personally, I believe NASA should be funded when we can fund it. Education, infrastructure, and medical research in my opinion should be funded more or primarily above NASA amongst several other things. I believe after whatever funds are left over after these more important things have been funded NASA should get and I would hope that those funds would be sufficient. In conclusion, NASA is not the nation’s highest priority and therefore should not be funded as such but should receive funding when it can be afforded. 

Will Zimmerman 

Although I haven't seen or heard much space talk or travel in the past few years, I think it will be a huge issue in the near future. This past election has probably changed the course of what we were supposed to be on with another Democrat in the White House, but now that the DNC is turning inside and out, and with a conservative political system, with Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court, space travel might be moved to the back of the to-do list. With Trump's team "draining the swamp," NASA will receive less and less public funding. I'm sure there's going to be a big conflict with it, I don't see space travel to be important at all. We don't need to make more wars and issues or things we haven't discovered yet. There's so many other problems Washington needs to fix before we can start worrying what's out there; however, I do see the benefits of creating new programs that would boost jobs, innovation, and cooperation with other countries. Just after the election and upcoming elections in Europe, I cannot see space travel being a top priority by most of the conservative movements that are gaining support worldwide. Personally, I would like to see America be made great again, than to go to space.

Luke Zimmerman

Space Exploration

This topic, in my opinion, has been shut down by the bureaucrats and politicians of recently. This is the next Manifest Destiny. The Leftists today despise Russia and Putin, so we should give the Russians a run for their money and compete like the old times in the Cold War. I think President Trump should consider competing against his ally and possibly form an alliance for the human race and further our species out-right dominance in our ecosystem. Trump, Putin, and Netanyahu should consider a formation of an alliance. This would truly be one of the greatest alliances in history. Obama was talking about the importance of space exploration at the end of his second term, but no legislation or action. In fact he even cut NASA’s activities.

Pop culture really wants space exploration to be important and a highly discussable topic. One that would bring lots of Breaking News and news stories for the media and has made lots of major Hollywood (fictional) movies such as Transformers, Interstellar, and most famously Star Wars and Star Trek. As humans, we crave the natural sense of exploration, expanding, and conquering all through history. As a Right-Libertarian, I feel we must expand our domain and further survival to protect our liberties and make new ones in the upcoming decades. Space exploration is a must and is inevitable.


Unlike some topics the final opinion on this topic is just on basically what you believe is important. 
Both Luke and Sarah shared a view of being supportive with NASA and its potential benefits today and tomorrow. Will sees that space exploration should be put on hold and doesn't see it as something important as of now since it could be conflicting with what is happening in our world today. That there is more pressing matters to tend to before we think about space. 
Sarah leaned towards a similar view in where NASA shouldn't be the first to be funded. Other things such as education and medical research should be a top priority in nation interests rather than space exploration which should be treated as something secondary than primary. 
Luke sees a strength in space exploration and create another "space race" to promote innovation and allied ties. Explorations is a part of our nature and our society will evolve to a point where space exploration will be the norm. 


The beliefs on space exploration isn't really dependent on political leanings as other things. There are strength to space exploration and seeing the funding of NASA as a priority. Space exploration is a great field of innovation and expansion of a more evolved human civilizations. 
However we don't live in a perfect society where we provide everything to our citizens. Putting space exploration on hold is not a bad thing because taking care of more pressing nation interests is a trait of awareness for the wellbeing of citizens. The future of space exploration is bright and hopefully we innovate for a brighter tomorrow for everyone.


  1. I think it's important for us to improve upon our space technology so that we can spread Christianity across the universe to any other life out there. It would also be pretty cool to get in an intergalactic war like in Star Trek.

  2. I Wasn't able to write for this article but in my opinion, of course we should focus on the future. No matter what way you look at it, the earth is unsustainable for a growing human population, whether it's over-population, global warming, war, or even a massive meteor, the earth simply is not capable of sustaining humanity for the centuries to come. The country that takes the initiative and invests in space travel will be at a tremendous advantage that will pay for itself tenfold. A nation that is dominant in space travel will be able to colonize planets before other countries, control the resources, and make tremendous profits. To invest in space travel is to invest in the future, the fact is that at some point or another, people will be forced to leave the planet, it's best that the USA have a lead in such an important priority as space travel is.

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