Why does the left encourage mental illness?

     As a normal, sensible human being, I have assurance of some natural things that I know that are true and factual. Just five years ago, more people then than now would conclude easily that there is two genders, male and female. Each with different chemical makeup, functions, obviously genitalia, and yes of course, different traits and attributes. Such as women disproportionately are more emotional, better at care-taking and nurturing, and are less ambitious. Even though I am sort of going off on a tangent, I am still proving facts that are centuries and centuries and centuries old. Feminists would call this theory, gender norms or what men and women are expected to do, choose, and think by society. Isn't is normal for a man to go into the men's restroom and a woman to go into the women's restroom? Up until recently, it's been a no-brainier. Due to the recent election, the reaction of the left has been very emotion-based and somewhat unlogical. If you're going to attend a protest and call a righteous man a bigot, wouldn't you examine yourself and your hubris and wonder if you're actually the bigot? Calling for peace and justice has been a top priority from the left, even before the election. But why do all of a sudden, like liberals usually do when trying to overtake the right, that they go off on a tangent, and make conspiracies and lies (fake news)? With this new ruling by President Trump this past week to completely throw away the proposal by the Obama administration is getting the left so upset. It's actual total hypocracy to preach in the name of science, yet reject basic biology in that there are two genders. One of which you are born as and up until now, are that gender for the rest of your life. Now Buzzfeed, Huffington Post (insert leftist media), want to disavow science and only utilize social constructs that fit along with their narrative. One day at lunch, my friends and I explored Buzzfeed's list of 70 plus genders and noticed how all of them but two were made up by some mentally-ill gay. I mean what's wrong with being gay? I mean yeah there'll be haters and questionaires but at least you won't be as questioned, offended, sexually abuse someone or a child in the bathroom that's not their biological gender is, or even kill themselves. Another quite hilarious wigwam was Stephen Crowder's recent video, prank calling regional Targets and pretending to be an upset parent whose child was sexually abused by a tranny in the restroom. The utter dismantle of the manager on the phone was not only full of laughter but with truth. What if it really did happen? You're child, you're legacy, get abused and won't forget that experience and you're going to throw that away? This is another tangent, but this reminds me of all the times the left throws away and picks and chooses when to defend sexual abuse victims. One that easily comes to mind is Milo Yiannopolous, who was sexually abused and that's the explanation of his sexual orientation and why he is gay. Joe Rogan and Gavin McInnes were co-explaining the experience as a young, exploring kid in a large city like New York or Los Angelos and how owners of a gay club, maybe ages 30-35, bring in young 20 year olds and have sexual relationships and take them under their wing so to speak. It's quite common in the gay community however the left takes it out of total proportion and have no sympathy for Milo, calling him a monster and a facist when in fact, he was a victim. In conclusion, it's really quite sad how the left has regressed and became dumber than they have been. I actually can't believe bathrooms is an issue, when we have things to do, like drain the swamp and get the aliens out, but those are different stories than what this blog was about. All in all, the left has been encouraging mental illness. Being a tranny or some other made up gender will soon be completely normal to them, and yet they claim to be advocating for the mentally ill and be the party of science. I know it's crazy, but what will be the next big crazy thing the left tries to make up? Please comment below what you think it will be. Just a quick shoutout to Sean Pereksta and all that he has done to create this website and to the other contributors for their incite. But I specifically wanted to thank all the viewers and readers of this blog. You are the motivation and drive us contributors have to keep on chomping at the bit. Thank you and God Bless.


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