The Root of Problems

Today in America, it seems that it is the new Norm to blame anything but actual individuals for the problems that plague this world, It's never the man holding the gun that kills people, no it's the gun, it's not a possibility that Hillary just didn't run a good enough campaign, it must be the Russians "Rigging" our election. We always want to blame something else, and with good reason too.
Placing blame on something clear is palpable, if you paint all guns as evil, it's much easier to come up with easy short-term solutions that make us all feel good about ourselves for a little while before realizing nothing changed.
 Gun control starts growing like a vast weed as soon as school shootings start taking place and no-one ever stops to think about why these sorts of things happen,  of course there are always things to blame, some people blame video games, claiming they cause aggression, others blame guns. Yet for all the blame going towards guns, there is little reasoning to actually think guns are the problem, school shootings are a relatively new thing, guns have been around for hundreds of years, it's not like they all the sudden gained mind control abilities. Of course guns don't cause people to harm others, that sort of logic, if applied to any other situation, would never make sense. How many people build a house, and then talk about how the hammer did all the work, No! The worker is the one who built the house, not the hammer. This of course makes the video game idea more feasible, and maybe video games do make people more aggressive, but what is the actual root of the problem.

Video games have become extremely popular is the last couple decades, but what else has surged? Single parent families. Up about four times since the 1960s according The Atlantic, Single Parenthood is on the Rise, and this comes with various damaging effects. The first and most obvious is that with only a single parent in a family, the parent must work long hours to provide for the child, this means less interactions between the two, and can lead to less values being imparted on the child. Not only this, but mothers in married families have a median household income of $80,000, An incredible sum which puts married families at well over the current holder for highest household incomes, Luxembourg, in which average household income is a hefty $60,000.  This means married families in the United States are raking in not only what families in the current highest average household income nation make, but an extra third of what they make as well. So how do single parent families compare? Single Parent families scrape in an average $25,000 a year, or only a little over one fourth of what American married couples make, and only a little under half of what families in luxembourg make.
These factors lead to some tremendously damaging effects on the children of single parent families, Studies shown in this Slate article all go to show how terrible this really can be for the kid. One study by the University of Arizona showed that a whopping third of girls whose fathers left them before they were six became pregnant before reaching 18, this of course leads to higher single parent family rates, and just perpetuates some of the problems i'm about to write on. This statistic is in comparison to the puny 5% of girls who become pregnant before adulthood when both parents are in the family. Studies also showed that Children in married families did better financially, In low income families, Children of married parents were more likely to climb the income ladder, and much less likely to fall into poverty, furthermore, in families in the top third of income earners, Children of married parents had a 54% chance of remaining in top third of earners, while children of single parents had only a 37% chance of remaining in the top third. Even more damaging, single parenthood families are much less likely to send children to college, while children that do attend college are much more likely to get married and stay married. There is a widening gap between college alumni and only high school educated families, and to think that this moral decay of Single parenthood families would not have damaging effects on america is silly and ignorant.
While Hollywood continues to pump out movies that glorify the single parent family, and Single mother families continues to be the Feminist dream, despite the fact that it remains one of the most damaging things that can happen to a child. Some Radical feminists see it as an actually good thing, an Article on Jezebel Paints single motherhood as a symbol a Female Self sufficiency, and those who would attack it as misogynists that think women need men. According to Michael Kimmel, the issue is actually that Women are having children without a spouse more often because they "have adequate coverage, education, and retirement benefits." Excuse me if I struggle to see a case where $25,000 a year in America makes someone think they are set for life. Even more so, Kimmel argues that the solution to "illegitimacy" of children which he also notes is a "manufactured" problem created by Society, is none other than "Birth Control and Abortion" access. While Feminists may write off problems like illegitimacy as mere effects of some "patriarchy" and that any women if perfectly fine raising a child by herself, nothing is more evident than the fact that a two parent household is statistically better for the child in all cases. When it comes to motherhood, it is no longer about if the mother is self sufficient but rather if she is fully adequate for taking care of a child by herself, and of course there will be good examples of single parents, but the fact is a single parent family is statistically inadequate for child rearing, it is better for the child to have two parents, and the healthiest families tend to be those of the Mother, Father, and children.
In the Aforementioned article, Jezebel makes an even more disturbing claim, It calls the rising rate of Single Motherhood, "progress". Perhaps Jezebel writers are completely ignorant of facts, or perhaps they are malevolent beings, because nothing else could explain why anyone would be pro-something that so clearly damages children, Apparently women are increasingly becoming single mothers because they can afford to be "Choosy" except that nothing is further from the truth. $25,000 a year is not an area where one should be choosy, $25.000 a year is only great when you became unemployed and need a job, or when you're trying to get through college, It certainly is not great for having a child. With the clearly less wealthy single parent families, this means children will often have to be sent to less wealthy school districts which almost always perform worse, this also means that with more single parent families which make less, when they pay taxes, the schools continue to make less, and with single parenthood on the rise, this trend will only continue. Schools will be continually degraded as Children go without ever receiving assistance from their constantly busy parent, schools will continually be degraded as they receive less and less taxes from already poor districts.
Single Motherhood could be tied directly to a moral decay in America. Of course this will seem odd to some people, undoubtedly, many atheists and feminists out there will look at this as if it is just some christian pushing his beliefs on people, Moral decay, what even is that. But it seems blatantly clear that we live in a world now where everything sexual is glorified and this of course translates to more children outside of marriage which leads to more single parent families. It is clear that when children are exposed to content that should be reserved for adults, this can lead to unwanted effects. This of course is in no way saying that we should ban certain content, but perhaps parents should start teaching their kids to think about the future and start playing a more active role in their child's lives. The reality of the matter is that most problems can be tied to parenting, everything a child becomes is in someway tied into the way he/she learns from his parents, there is a reason certain people are successful, and it's not by oppressing others, but by pushing onwards and taking smart risks.
Today, on mother's day, we take a look at Twitter to see people consistently celebrating Single motherhood, "Also I want to say happy mother's day to all the mothers, but especially to the single mother,s the most powerful women on earth". and yes, I typed that word for word, they put a comma in mother,s despite the fact that " ` " and " , " are on opposite sides of a keyboard. As it would turn out, based on all the facts I have listed, the thing this tweeter celebrates is about as effective as his writing abilities.
Should we look down on single-parenthood, of course not. Circumstances do not always allow for the healthiest of families, however, In every scenario, Two parent families should be celebrated, and put as the standard for child rearing. This is not a case of feminism, meninism, or any other type of -ism, the argument for a two parent family is one of protecting the child and his/her future. Despite the myth that more government involvement can help families climb out of the lower rungs of income classes, the fact is, nothing, Nothing, is more effective than a strong family, In fact this is so important, that perhaps it should be a class for high schoolers. In order to ensure America's future, we look not to the government, but rather to the building blocks of society, the families, and two support beams will always have the capability of being more sturdy than one.  Escaping poverty is possible with a strong work ethic, lowering crime is possible with solid values, excelling at school is possible with a plethora of support and guidance, and the one thing all of these have in common is that they all originate from the family. We can all clamour and yammer on about the need for better schools or better teachers, but in the end, none of these things will build the students, only a family can do that. In order to truly "make America great again," we can't look to the family, but rather to the building up of America's families, and restoring the goal of a two parent family.


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