Embracing Political Porcupines

Since the shocking Trump victory electrified Americans in 2016, both political parties have been dashing to their respective ends of the political compass. It's just shocking to see what sides of the political compass the parties chose.

Democrats shocked Republicans by embracing figures that just seem so outlandishly opposed to the democratic message, indeed, who would have guessed that a figure that applauds women's rights in Saudi Arabia, while acting openly repulsed at the rights of women here in the land of the free, would be leading the party of feminists and SJWs. Of course I am referring to Linda Sarsour, and indeed, not only is Saudi Arabia a beacon of Feminism to her, don't forget that women can't drive in Saudi Arabia, but ten weeks maternity leave, Awesome, But right near Saudi Arabia is the epitome of oppression. Of course im referring to Israel, because of course when you think of oppression, you think of basically the only westernized country in the middle east. In fact, a Zionist can't even be a feminist according to Linda Sarsour, If Israel doesn't allow Palestine to take all of the land, and yes, Linda Sarsour is a supporter of the one-state solution, in favor of Palestine of course, than Israel is obviously oppressing Palestinian women... I truly find it difficult to link anything in the Israel-Palestine conflict to feminism, but if Linda Sarsour says so, it must be true. I just would ask, if not allowing Palestine to take the land is oppressing Palestinian women, wouldn't destroying Israel be oppressing Israeli women?

It truly is remarkable that this self professed civil Rights activist, Linda Sarsour, has been so well embraced by the left. Even the "Aristotle" of the left, Bernie Sanders supports her, with his nice little #IMarchWithLinda. It litterally just takes a little stroll down Linda's Twitter to decide, perhaps she isn't exactly unbiased when it comes to civil rights.

Let us remember her Saudi Arabia comments, and compare them with her anti-Israel sentiment. Truly, if one was to fight for civil rights, perhaps attacking Israel, number 55 in the world for best civil liberties, while propping up Saudi Arabia, number 159 in the world, for it's women's rights, is not the most honest thing that a civil rights leader could say. Of course, it truly is ridiculous that someone spouting such ridiculous claims, someone who downplays the utter oppression of women in many parts of the third world, would be considered a civil rights leader, but hold your horses right wing. If the Right Wing thinks this is just an issue of the left, I as a member of the Right Wing would implore you to look at ourselves, don't complain about the mass of splinters in the other's eye, when we have a log in our own.

Since Trump has ascended to the presidency, many Trumplicans have sided with him, not based on values, but on pure, unabashed fealty. Anything Trump says, is taken as gospel truth by many on the Right, but even furthermore, anyone attacked by Trump is attacked by those Trumplicans, and anyone who the left associates with Trump in order to damage him, becomes a symbol of Trump to his people. Seem extreme?

If you felt like anything I said there was extreme, I would ask you to consider that according to Gallup, 32% of Republicans have a favorable of Putin. Almost a third of Republicans favor a man who you can literally look up a list of people that he is suspected of assassinating. I would hope that any self respecting conservative would hold it to be true that the values of conservatism, to conservatives, should come before loyalty to Trump in all things. If the Republican party is the party of small government, economic freedom, and constitutionalism, how on earth is it not self diagnosed within the party as a major problem that people can so unabashedly dispose of their values in order to support someone, just because the media says they are with Trump and therefore are the bad guy (Russia, Number 155 out 186 for best civil rights). Many on the Right have become like little kids, playing a game of reverse psychology in which anyone we are told to dislike, we side with. Sometimes it's right to not favor a dictatorial former-KGB agent.

At least one party ought to start standing up for its values, instead of both finding favorability in some of the most politically damaging characters out there. Republicans will look at Democrats and mock them for their siding with completely dishonest speakers, but Democrats will look at Republicans and see a party that has a whole third of its members supporting a ruthless dictator. As a member of the Right, I encourage both sides to open their eyes and realize that blind partisanship is as foolish as it gets. Remember when Republicans ran on the basis that the Soviet Union was an evil empire, or that Russia was one of the greatest threats to us, yet as soon as one republican leader shows the slightest amount of affability towards Putin, it's time to jump ship and completely discard all the values that make a party worth supporting.


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