The Argument Against Pro-Choice Candidates

With Fathers day still fresh in the memory of some Americans, the term "family" is ridiculed once again by the American populace as a few Americans gather to celebrate this day with their fathers. The American Nuclear Family is all but dead, buried alive, with only futile efforts to free itself from the deep grave that the newer and wiser generations have thrown it in. The drastic rise in single parenthood, from around 10% to about 30%, can in large part be attributed to the overthrow of personal responsibility in Western Culture. Many factors have played apart in deteriorating the West, the rise of the government's role in the individuals life is no doubt playing a massive part, yet culture itself is the key player in this confounding collapse of society. We now live in a society where the loudest voices are the ones calling for the removal of personal responsibility at all costs, even if those costs include lives. The fact is that the cost of removing personal responsibility is human life, likely 400,000 lives already in this year alone.
The necessity of marriage has fallen aside as the ability to throw away a human child if it does not yet match the standards of what society deems human has allowed would-be parents to throw away accountability in child-rearing and avoid any immediate difficult circumstances that having a child could cause. Living in a society where at least half of our populace deems it acceptable for a parent to kill the child rather than go through the troubles of raising the little kid, the very foundations of marriage are being torn down. Marriage, as extraneous as it may seem in today's culture, is the product of either, thousands of years of social development, or God's design for the most essential social unit. No matter how it is approached, marriage is essential to society, and what makes marriage so essential is its ability to properly raise a child, to be legally bound to someone else is the easiest way to ensure a child is raised properly, and that is why so many people run to marriage when faced with the prospect of raising a child, its simply the best path to take. Yet with organizations like Planned Parenthood tearing apart that need to raise a child, and that need to run to marriage, the most essential rules that was once deemed commonsense for raising children are being thrown to the wayside. However, Abortion may not be the cause of this lack of personal responsibility, but may indeed be a symptom of it. A basic truth in business is that convenience will always win out, most people will use the most convenient product rather than the highest quality product, in the same way, given the choice to escape all responsibility for raising a child, abortion may just be a symptom of humanities urge to seek the easy way out in every circumstance.
Whatever the cause of this lack of personal responsibility that permeates vast swathes of the American Populace, one thing is clear, personal convenience has crossed the boundary of what is morally acceptable. While all progress in human advancement has been towards making life easier, there has constantly been attempts throughout history at making life easier by harming others. An example of this dangerous convenience is the use of slaves, by using involuntary cheap labor, while this produced monetary profit, it clearly disregarded many peoples god-given rights that are enshrined in the constitution. Once again in the long line of history, we find ourselves in another crossroads, once again people have found a new and convenient way to avoid difficulties, and once again it has come by dehumanizing a massive group of human beings. Abortion is the newest form of this persistent monster in history, and as has happened throughout history, it is an issue that is protected through anti-scientific and ignorant arguments. Slavery was largely condoned by many based upon the argument the slaves were not people at all, this was an argument largely backed by pseudoscience and bigotry, and easily able to be disproved by commonsense and science, Now Abortion follows the same path, we see pro-choice supports embracing arguments like "my body my choice" which may be the most anti-science sentiment in reason american history, clearly a growing human being inside of someone is not actually that person's body but a separate entity with its own heartbeat at only 6 weeks. furthermore, pseudoscience is used to support abortion just as it was used to support slavery. phrenology was a popular practice in the 1800s because pro-slavery pseudo-scientists made the false assumption that the shape of the skull could determine a person's traits and that the shape of a slaves skull could show that they were naturally subservient, in a similar way, today people use arguments such as the brain's electrical activity to argue whether or not a fetus should be granted person-hood. This flawed argument is based upon the notion that we as people have the right to decide what determines if a human being has their intrinsic value or if it is withheld for some reason, such as their brain not developing activity yet. The fact is that any attempt to allow Human beings, especially those with an agenda, to be able to decide what constitutes a valuable life is dangerous and should never be allowed.
Any fair-minded examination of abortion will conclude that the result of such an operation is the death of a human being. This brings up perhaps one of the most difficult questions that anyone can ask in this day an age. How does one go about opposing this abomination, the largest mass killing in history. When Hitler rose to power, he was not the only man guilty of the mass murder that was incited under his regime, those who knew what was happening and allowed it to happen were implicit in the murdering of millions of Jews and all other groups targeted under the Nazi Regime, it was their duty to take action, and few did, yet unlike early 1900s Germany, Americans aren't faced with opposing a dictator who can and would imprison any political dissidents, Americans can make their views heard in the ballot box. Rather it is up to Pro-life Americans to convince undecided people and Pro-choice people that human life really is being taken at an alarming rate and that it is our duty to oppose all unnecessary abortions. No matter what your political views, it is a fact that Abortion kills human life, and thus any politician who's platform allows for abortion outside of when a woman's actual health is in serious danger, is sanctioning the largest mass murder in history, and a vote for that person is giving support to that sanctioning of abortion.
Yet while it is true that a person sanctioning abortion is supportive of the largest genocide of our time, this of course is a dangerous position to take in politics for many reasons. Today's politics are already highly polarized, with very few people being able to interact fairly with people on the other side of the aisle and actually discuss views in a calm manner. Calling all people who allow abortion implicit in a genocide, while factually true, is only intensifying an already highly polarized political climate and is a dangerous step that could lead to actually making the road to restricting abortion more difficult. And indeed, with calling people who support abortion a supporter of genocide, where does it stop, this only lends a facade of credence to people like Nancy Pelosi who make wild statements like how Trump's new tax plan is "Armageddon". Name calling has never done any good in politics, Trump it appears is an exception to this rule. The fact is that calling a Pro-Choice person a murderer, is perhaps the worst way of convincing them that a fetus is a life, to insult someone will only make them more dogmatic in their views. Actual scientifically-valid arguments, and arguments of emotion, emotion that expresses care for human life, must be used instead to convince people of the immorality of abortion.
One thing to keep in mind is that despite abundant evidence pointing to the obvious truth that a fetus is a human being, Pro-choice people in general don't know this, I have no evidence to this point but I think I would be safe in assuming that the majority of Pro-choice Americans actually believe in the falsehood that the fetus is part of the woman's body. By seeing the fetus as not a separate entity but rather as a part of the woman's body, this deceives people into believing that nothing actually dies in an abortion and that it is merely like removing someones tonsils. It would be ignorant to accuse all pro-choice Americans of believing it is fair to take life for someones personal convenience, just as it is grossly-foolish of pro-choice Americans to accuse Pro-Life Americans of only wanting to control a women's bodies.With this in mind, approaching the debate by accusing supporters of abortion of genocide will only confuse and engender contempt from them, rather convincing people that a fetus is a separate entity, highlighting facts like when the fetus develops a heartbeat and how that compares to when most abortions take place will be a much more powerful tool in persuading people of the value of human life. While of course it is reasonable and correct to believe life begins at conception, it is much more plausible to use more clear indicators such as a heartbeat to begin the debate on abortion and to convince people that a fetus is indeed a living being.
In addition to convincing the populace that abortion is indeed a human rights catastrophe, the most important thing you can do in helping slow and eventually end this mass genocide is voting. If all Pro-life Americans were to vote and support candidates who want to restrict abortion, Pro-life Americans would win elections in landslides. The fact is that whatever side of the aisle you stand on, the value of hundreds of thousands of American lives far outweighs any political philosophy you hold to, before people can start arguing between the virtues of capitalism and socialism, or intervention on in foreign affairs, we must address the most important issue that faces us on American soil, Abortion.


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