Democrats above Politics in Kamala Harris Birther conspiracy?

During the Democratic debate, Kamala Harris stole the show with an impactful childhood story of how she managed to be one of the African American youths who was bused in the attempt to integrate schools. Harris used this story as a launch pad to then hit Biden for his opposition to Busing in the 1970s. Telling her leading opponent Biden, in a rare moment of camaraderie, that she did not believe he "is a racist", Harris then promptly went on how to describe how Biden was racist, or perhaps how he used to be racist and pro-segregation. Harris delivered a devastating blow to Biden's campaign that night, and though perhaps it will only result in a few percentage points in the polls, any boost would be good for Harris who has struggled to break 10% in most recent polls for the Democratic 2020 Presidential Nomination.
However shortly after the debates, Donald Trump Jr, delivered an incredibly foolish slip up, the type for which his father is often famed for, and retweeted a claim that Kamala Harris isn't a true American black but rather half-Indian and half-Jamaican. First of all, I'm not sure what American Black is apparently, I'm pretty sure Kamala Harris is an American and Black though, but furthermore unless Donald Trump Jr is engaging in some insane game of 3D chess in which he attacks Harris in order to boost her poll numbers somehow knowing Harris is the only democrat that Trump can easily defeat, then that was either incredibly stupid, or just a low blow.
Now while Donald Trump Jr is obviously to blame for this attack which has no legitimate basis for being involved in presidential politics, the Democrats response is anything but "non-political" as many media outlets have suggested, Democrats swarmed to stand up for Kamala Harris, and it was covered as if the Democrats were above the petty squabbles of Trump administration, or in this case Donald Trump Jr., however anyone who takes a step back for one moment might realize the glaringly obvious truth.

1: Any Democratic Hopeful who doesn't stand up for Kamala Harris will be in a small group or by themselves and face the wrath of a media that gleefully searches out anyone they can pan as either racist or in league with the racists.

2: This presents the perfect opportunity to attack the Trump administration and play politics. the idea that the Democrats stopped playing politics to come to Kamala Harris's defense is ridiculous, they merely stopped playing politics against each other for a short while in order to play politics against Trump. Who knows, maybe there is competition going among the Democratic candidates to see who can stand up most vehemently against Donald Trump Jr.'s tweet.

The backlash against Donald Trump Jr. is hard to weigh. On the one hand, yes the attack was obviously wrong and he deserves to be reprimanded, but on the other hand; assuming Donald Trump Jr. had the worst intentions in mind is the problem with modern politics. Why couldn't Donald Trump Jr.s defense not have been accurate or at least partly true. The reason Democrats are coming out so strongly is not because the force of Donald Trump Jr.'s tweet is being met by an equal and opposite reaction but rather because the opportunity to play politics and diminish the Trump name and continue the barrage of racism accusations is to enticing to ignore.
For a party that has spent the last two years peddling a conspiracy about Trump and Russia colluding, and then upon the discovery no such collusion happened, that party immediately turning around and accusing Trump of obstructing justice, this isn't that new of a strategy. It has become obvious that Democrats will do anything to keep the barrage of negative media attention against Trump coming. Trump actually became the first sitting President of the United States to set foot in North Korea as of June 30th, in the hopes of brokering a deal to disarm North Korea's missile program, and still most of the Democratic candidates found a way to disparage Trump's action!


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